NYC SJP Statement of Solidarity With Palestinian Day of Rage!

12079255_1011166562293578_748654146284644024_nSince the beginning of the Nakba and the ensuing occupation, the Israeli state and its settler apparatus has demonstrated its desire not only to deny Palestinian statehood, but its intention to completely annihilate the Palestinian people. This is being achieved through expansion of settlements, mass expulsion, periodic massacres and complete compliance from the U.S. empire. In recent days, Zionists have continued its attacks on Palestinians throughout Palestine, particularly in Jerusalem, and murdered a number of Palestinian youth like 18 year-old Fadi Alloun and 13-year old Abdel Rahman Abiedallah.

Over 450 Palestinians have been injured by settlers and Zionist occupation forces in the past 48 hours. Settler violence is at a near-unprecedented level and the israeli state facilitates this by escorting settlers and directly attacking Palestinians. In response, Palestinian forces have called for a Day of Rage today, on October 6th, 2015.

A general strike was called for as part of the Day of Rage and is in effect throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Popular committees have begun organizing self-defense networks throughout the West Bank, and have called for international solidarity with the situation in Palestine. The quickly escalating Zionist violence and the response by Palestinian resistance is reminiscent of the first and second intifadas that asserted the determination of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

New York City Students for Justice in Palestine stand in solidarity with the October 6th Day of Rage and the overall struggle for Palestinian liberation. We recognize that because Zionist settler-colonialism is facilitated by U.S. imperialism, our struggle organizing in the United States must principally be a struggle against U.S. imperialism. Solidarity with the intifada and let it pave the way to complete liberation for all nations oppressed by imperialism!


3 thoughts on “NYC SJP Statement of Solidarity With Palestinian Day of Rage!

  1. Good statement.

    Some narrative on the recent violence would help though as most Americans probably think this was all initiated by the Palestinians.

    “2 Illegal Settlers are Killed near Nablus and What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You”


  2. Hi everyone

    I would like to express my support and solidarity to your group and to the cause you’re protesting for. Please keep doing the hard work and never let any powerful entity or force stop your cause. Please use social media to spread your message to the world. Social media is very powerful and will help educate and wake up people to see the Palastinian massacre happening everyday!


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