Points of Unity


1. Anti-Zionist/Anti-Normalization

We are unapologetically anti-Zionist and take that as a non-negotiable tenet of our unity. We identify the establishment of the state of israel as an ongoing project of settler-colonialism that will be stopped only through Palestinian national liberation. We reject any and all collaboration, dialogue, and coalition work with Zionist organizations through a strict policy of anti-normalization and encourage our comrades in other organizations to do the same.


2. Anti-Imperialism

We have a responsibility as those living within the US to fight the American aggression when and wherever it may arise. As Internationalists, we stand in solidarity with all the liberation movements across the globe fighting US imperialism, and believe that all people have the right live free against foreign/external aggression. We fight for the liberation of all people from imperialism, and supports national liberation not only for the Palestinian nation, but for oppressed nations everywhere.


3.  Right to Resist

We uphold the collective right of Palestinians and other oppressed groups to resist acts of aggression, war crimes who want their ability to promote and sustain national self-determination free from settler-colonialism and occupation. We also uphold the right to resist for oppressed nationalities and communities in the United States to fight back against the rising threat of fascism and state sanctioned violence.

4.  Collective Liberation

We stand in solidarity with all struggles that uphold collective liberation free from racism, all forms of patriarchy, class oppression, and all other forms of oppression. No one is free until we are all free!

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