Points of Unity


1. Anti-Zionist/Anti-Normalization

New York City Students for Justice in Palestine are unapologetically anti-Zionist and take that as a non-negotiable tenet of our unity. We identify the establishment of the state of israel as an ongoing project of settler-colonialism that will be stopped only through Palestinian national liberation. We reject any and all collaboration, dialogue, and coalition work with Zionist organizations through a strict policy of anti-normalization and encourage our comrades in other organizations to do the same

2. One State

We support the One State Solution and understand that it is the only possible end result of the struggle to liberate ALL of Palestine. We understand the two-state solution to be the joint project of U.S. and Zionist imperialism and does not reflect the national aspirations of the Palestinian people and actively undermines the Palestinian struggle.

3. Anti-Imperialist

We as NYC SJP take an active position against global imperialisms and consider the Palestinian struggle to be indivisible from other struggles against imperialism, whether it be Zionist, U.S., NATO, Russian, or Chinese imperialism. Students for Justice in Palestine fights for the liberation of all people from imperialism, and supports national liberation not only for the Palestinian nation, but for oppressed nations everywhere.

4. Self-Determination

As Palestine solidarity organizers living in New York City, part of our struggle includes fighting for the self determination of oppressed communities in the U.S., in addition to Palestinian self-determination.

5. Right of Return

We uphold the right of the Palestinian refugees and their descendants who were forcibly kicked out of Palestine to return to their homeland wherever it be in historic Palestine as soon as possible, before or after the establishment of a Palestinian national state.

6. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

We actively practice Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against the state of israel until national liberation. We identify this an important tool for those outside Palestine to work for liberation, and consider it an integral part of an internationalist perspective.

7. Proletarian Feminism

We are Proletarian Feminists, and know that the struggle for Palestinian Liberation is indivisible with the struggle for Women’s liberation and other oppressed genders. We actively attack misogyny, cisheterosexism, and male chauvinism within our own organization and in the wider movement and world we live in. As we take up the line of Proletarian Feminism, we analyze gender oppression as it relates to national oppression, imperialism, and class society.

8. Off-Campus/Community Work

NYC SJP recognizes the limits of campus-based Palestine solidarity, and commits to engaging in community work and organizing for the demands of the oppressed communities in New York City. This is not to neglect campus work, but to supplement it, and strengthen both the campus and the community both politically and through coordination.

9. Queer Liberation

NYC SJP is committed to fighting cisheterosexism and we recognize its violent employment by the State and reactionaries to reproduce capitalist and patriarchal social relations. We commit to encouraging our Queer comrades to be non-token leaders in the fight for Palestinian liberation, as the Palestinian struggle and the Queer struggle are ultimately rooted against the same system.


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