About Us

Students for Justice in Palestine (NYC SJP) is a diverse group of students and community members in New York City organized on democratic principles to raise awareness about the human rights violations committed by Israel against the Palestinian people. And to build solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for human rights, justice, freedom, self-determination and the right of return.

SJP believes that while the Palestinian people must ultimately be able to decide their future in Palestine, as students and members of the community of New York in the belly of imperialist America we demand the full decolonization of Palestinian lands; the end of the Israeli occupation; the implementation of the right of return and repatriation for all Palestinian refugees to their original homes and properties; and an end to the Israeli system of Apartheid and discrimination against the indigenous Palestinian population.

Just as SJP condemns the racism and discrimination underlying the policies and laws of the state of Israel, SJP rejects any form of hatred or discrimination against any religious or ethnic group. SJP’s strength is in the great diversity of its membership. SJP welcomes individuals of all backgrounds to join in solidarity with the struggle for justice in Palestine.

We actively promote liberation for all oppressed nations, sexualities, genders and classes, and we are active throughout the greater New York City area. We seek to implement BDS in our communities, as well as other calls from the Palestinian people, through advocacy and local community work. Furthermore, we seek to educate our communities on the Palestinian struggle and get them involved in our work for justice. Through work with allies and comrades, we uphold the right of return for Palestinian refugees everywhere and an end to Zionism, settler colonialism, racism, and apartheid in occupied Palestine. NYC SJP is connected to and in contact with campus-based SJPs across the greater New York area, although we are based off-campus. All students and youth are welcome to join. For contact, please email us at newyorkcitysjp@gmail.com

من نحن؟

نحن طلاب نيويورك من أجل العدالة في فلسطين، هو تجمع طلاب وافراد مجتمع معنيين بحركة التضامن مع فلسطين في نيويورك، ولدينا نشاطات في جميع فروع (طلاب من أجل العدالة في فلسطين) في جميع أنحاء نيويورك. نحن حريصون على بناء حركة التضامن الفلسطيني في نيويورك في جامعاتنا ومجتمعاتنا، بالاضافة الى عقد الأحداث في جامعاتنا، ونشر الوعي حول النضال الفلسطيني، فإننا نؤكد على الحاجة إلى العمل الاجتماعي خارج الحرم الجامعي لإنشاء منظمات دائمة لا تميز بين خدمة أبناء المجتمع والنضال العام من أجل تحرير فلسطين. ونحن ننظم أعمالا طارئة، ونخطط المهرجانات والمظاهرات مع المجتمعات الفلسطينية، ، ومنظمات المجتمع المختلفة لمعالجة الاحتياجات المختلفة لاي مجتمع محدد

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