Solidarity with revolutionary professors and students at Community College of Philadelphia!

On October 8th, progressive youth and students including the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee-PHL, on the campus of Community College of Philadelphia led a protest against recruitment on campus by the Philadelphia Police Department. They demanded that the PPD should not be allowed to recruit on campus after militarized police presence in response to a potential shooter in the area of CCP. After the protesters kicked the PPD off campus, Professor Divya Nair and RSCC-PHL member Jim McFadden were suspended by the administration. Divya Nair has been suspended from her teaching position without pay and is still required to make-up teaching material. After the rally, the campus was no longer an open campus and police presence became more regular. Recently, RSCC-PHL members Rina Mascitti and Andrea Haulcoch have also been suspended and have pending disciplinary hearings.

The administrations in both the Community College of Philadelphia and the City University of New York actively repress revolutionary students and professors who organize for the people while inviting police and military recruiters to campus, as well as hiring figures like war criminal David Petraeus. The university system is not a neutral center for the exchange of ideas and education, but has a role in society to reproduce white supremacist, patriarchal, imperialist and Zionist ideology. Similar to how Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters and pro-Palestine professors are being repressed by administrations and Zionists throughout the United States, RSCC-PHL is being repressed for their organizing and their work to make the university serve the interests of the community.   

We, NYC Students For Justice in Palestine, stand in solidarity with the #PigFreeCCP campaign and demand the Community College of Philadelphia to reinstate Comrades Andrea, Rina, Jim and Divya immediately with all charges dropped. We support the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee-PHL in their demands to ban all police recruitment on campus, as well as the demand to end the militarization of campus police.

Solidarity with repressed revolutionary students! Support Comrades Rina, Jim, Andrea and Divya!


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